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"The Running Kind is like a poppy, female-fronted Johnny Cash band, complete with fights and deceit, humor and longing. Many of the songs have a male singer along with the female voice, and unlike Johnny Cash, the band is hopeful rather than cynical."  -- John Shelton Ivany -- Top 21 Reviews

"This is shit kicker music. Country western, beer-drinkin’, cowboy-boot clankin’ music. Pull on those Tony Lamas and dust off those Lee Jeans. You’ll be hittin' the honky-tonks, cryin’ in your beer, hee-hawin’ with your horse, and all the time there will be guitars, bass, drums, mandolins, piano, dobro, pedal steel, even a trombone, a-playin’ to entertain you.  You see, these boys can really get down. Leslie can sing a touch or two - so can George, Matt, Neil and Frank. You’ll be two-steppin’, a-waltzin’, box steppin’ and country swingin’. You will also be wantin’ to listen. So get yourself a cold one. "  -- The Ripple Effect.

LA Weekly Music Pick of the Week for Sunday, September 12, 2010.


The Girl For All The World
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The Running Kind, left to right: George Alexander, Matt Bosson, Neil Fukasawa, Leslie Bosson, Frank San Filippo.